Kristine Cimbule the name behind the name KC Studios! Established the name in Notting Hill for the  last 10 years, working with her celebrity clientele as well as working on designer photo shoots, London fashion week, music videos, film, and TV. Kristine loves natural looking hair and is our Balayage expert and LA weave extensions specialist. Kristine will make sure your hair style is effortless and can't help but let you fall in love with you hair.


Kell is the legend of Notting Hill hairdressing. After his move to London 30 years ago, Notting Hill hairdressing has never been the same. Kell’s precision cutting is known by many in the area and even overseas. His eye for detail and a warm approach has helped him to establish his name and have a successful business for many decades. 


The history is silent about if Jacqueline is Kell's side kick or the other way around, but together they have built a name for themselves. Jacqueline comes from a TV production background having knowledge in business marketing and branding and  is our business consultant working closely with KC team and spreading her knowledge and expertise to wider audience.


In anything Sandra does she wants to make her clients feel good about themselves after seeing her and having her magic hands touch their hair. Sandra is our master in colour and even loves the good old perm, she's a true lover of her  industry and of great costumer service. Sandra always teams up with her clients to achieve the most suitable looks for each individual. Nearly 16 years in the industry and she has never looked back, its her passion to provide beautiful colours and cuts for her loyal clientele. 


Monica is one of those hair dressers that never had any doubt about becoming hairdresser and is living her passion through taking care of her lovely Notting Hill clientele providing very personalised and tailor-made hair cuts and colours. Monica will always suggest the best style for you and always will take on board your suggestions and requirements. Monica always wants to stay inspired with her technical skills always attending the best seminars and work shops in the industry.  


As a hairstylist you could compare Vicky to as sculptor, she will give the finest hair volume and the thickest her feel light. She will sculpt your hair as a true magician. Vicky has been in the industry for few decades and has established her loyal clientele in Notting Hill. Her clients are her friends and her friends are her clients and a great laugh is always part of the service with Vicky.