About Us


KC studios is multi functional space for like minded people in hairdressing, photography, fashion, wellness, beauty and business world. 

Based in the heart of Notting Hill connecting designers, actors, lawyers, bankers, models, producers, film makers, directors and photographers. We are bringing together what Notting Hill is all about and everyone is welcome to join the community of KC Friends.

Starting from beautiful cuts and colours, private events, small designer pop ups, workshops and intimate concerts, KC Studios are offering the mix of what Notting Hill truly is. We are here to inspire our customers and our artists.

It’s fascinating how Notting Hill has it’s vibe, how much it has changed over the times and how it brings together an incredible bunch of people. 

We want to embrace it by partnering up with local businesses, talents and residents to make this community a better place for everyone. 

We are very privileged to have this absolutely wonderful location in Lambton Place mews just tucked away from Westbourne Grove  allowing our customers some intimacy by not being seen in the big shop window. 

After a refurbishment the salon space looks more like a big cosy living room, a place to hang out, a place to make an excuse to come back to a place that feels like home.

And we should not forget our strong connections with Denmark -  their culture, lifestyle and food. Through the salon and restaurant Snaps + Rye,  Kell and Jacqueline have been introducing Notting Hill to concept of hygge and good Danish rye bread.!


We don’t claim to be a 100% sustainable salon, but we are very much aware of the environment and as a business we are making more and more sustainable choices and small steps to being more sustainable.  

We are not 100% vegan but we are a vegan friendly salon.


Why a Studio? Because each individual is piece of art, its not a gallery where you see the finished product it's the studio, a place for work in progress.